mardi 27 janvier 2015

Custom portrait - splatters of watercolor paint

Emma Watson watercolor painting

Hi everyone !

I was working a lot during the past few days to create a range of custom watercolor portraits.
So far there are 4 styles available (yeah!). I will show you my 4 examples. Of course these are only examples of the custom portrait you will get.
My listings (on Etsy) are for personalized portrait using YOUR picture.

-- HOW --
• Buy the listing on Etsy
• Send me a picture of the subject on clear background.
• I will then start to work on your print.
• I will send it to you via e-mail for review.
• You will have the possibility to ask me to change some details.

My favorite is this one of Emma Watson. It's full of details with butterflies on her lips, eyebrows and hairs. Her sweater is made of pastel round watercolor splash.

The listing for a custom portrait like this one is available on my Etsy shop here.
Easy: you just need to send me a picture of the subject.

This portrait was very fun to do. Her Afro hairstyle and smile give a really happy touch to the portrait.
I added some details to the watercolor with cute white stars.
This will be the perfect gift for your girlfriend and child !

You can get yours on my Etsy shop.
Easy: you just need to send me a picture of the subject.

 A happy portrait for a happy little boy !

I used shades of blue, but it can be made with any colors.
Available here on my Etsy shop.

Let's not forget men !
This masculine custom portrait will be the perfect gift for your loved one.
Available here.

I just added these 4 listings, so I will offer 50% OFF during the next 4 days (until Saturday 31 of January 2015 evening).
Use this coupon code and get 50% OFF: MYPORTRAIT

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